Choosing the Right Running Shoes For Kids to Prevent Injury

Selecting the best pair of running shoes for your active child can be a bit overwhelming. There are a number of brands and types on the market for children, but just as it is important to find a good pair for adult runners, it is just as important to find a good pair for your child. We don’t often think of injuries when it comes to exercise with our kids. We tend to think that their muscles are young and strong and can withstand anything, but they can experience strain and overuse injuries just as easily as an adult runner.

You will have to bring your child to the shoe store with you to find the best pair. Even though you know their shoe size, a proper fitting shoe is only achieved by measuring your child’s feet right in the store. Kid’s feet grow quickly so you should always bring them with you when buying a new pair for your kids. The higher priced brands of running shoes do offer the most protection and comfort for your feet. It is important to spend a little more to get good quality when it comes to the shoes your children wear.

You also want to make sure that the shoes are comfortable for your child. Have them walk around the store and watch for any signs of discomfort from your child. Kid’s often like the look of a particular brand and do not pay attention to the comfort that they have when wearing the shoe. Make them walk around a bit before deciding on the particular running shoe for your child.

Feel your child’s foot inside the shoe for fit. The toes should not be cramped up in the front of the shoe. They should also not be too loose or you risk blisters and injury. Feel where your child’s foot is inside the shoe before you determine you have the correct running shoe. You may have to go up or down a half a size before you find the right running shoe.

Keep an eye on your child’s shoes for signs of wear and growth. Children often outgrow their shoes before they are worn. Injury can occur when kid’s shoes don’t fit properly. Good shoes can be an expense, especially when your child outgrows them rapidly, but it is vital to prevent injury

By Ian M Knight

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