A Running Race With Your Kids. How?

Running a 5K race with your kid is a great experience, during which you can strengthen the bond between you and teach them the value of setting and accomplishing goals. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your kids for it.

Do a test run with your kids – Once a week, six weeks before the race, you want to take your kids out on a training run. During the first week, do only one mile. Alternate one minute of walking with one minute of jogging. Evaluate how your kid handled it. Is he panting like a dog? Was she fussy and grouchy? This means that your kid is not ready. If he is breathing normally, energetic, and excited, he can most likely complete the race with you. For each week that follows, add a quarter mile to the distance. By the end of the six week period, he should be able to run-walk 75% of a 5K race, which turns out to be 2.5 miles. He’s ready.

If your kids are too young to run on their own, you can push them along with a jog stroller. No, they are technically not running the race, but it is a truly joyous occasion to see their faces light up with excitement as you push them along for a fun and relaxing ride. You should take them along once or twice a week. You need to get use to pushing something along for three and a quarter miles. On race day, line up at the back and run on the side so you can avoid collisions.

By Blake M Talvitz

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